Publisher Solutions

Fully managed or innovative modular solutions to allow media companies to establish and grow their sports betting segment

An Engaged Audience

The explosion of the US sports betting industry creates a unique opportunity for innovative media companies that are acutely focused on the evolving interests of their audience.

Our turnkey sports betting solutions allow partners to scale quickly and provide comprehensive sports betting focused product and content within all of their platforms. From the provision of full sports betting hubs to innovative sports betting engagement tools, we provide the right tools for our partners to engage and grow the value of sports betting within their ecosystem. 


Technical Deployment

Product and content are just the tips of the iceberg. The execution brings operational complexity to your existing services stack, that as a leading global affiliate, we are expertly equipped to handle.

Partners leverage our suite of modular managed services. From licensing and affiliate tracking through to commercial optimization and campaign management, we take on all of the heavy lifting to ensure delivery of the most engaging, dynamic experience possible for our partner’s sports betting segment.   


Affiliate Business Model

Realize significant top-line gains through new revenue models. Spotlight Sports Group turnkey affiliate services allow media companies to monetize this rapidly expanding market.

Partners see immediate returns through our rapid deployment of conversion solutions and existing operator relationships.