Sports Betting Management Services

Enhance your audience engagement with our self-service sports betting services

Self-Service Smart Content Modules

Our smart content module library provides access to an endless supply of betting widgets for any sport at any time. The smart content modules provide sports betting insight and call-to-actions directing users to your sportsbook partners.


Your audience does not trust advertisements enough to click on them. Strategically placed conversion widgets remove the friction from converting sports fans to sports bettors. Embedded across your digital property, the smart content modules encourage crossover and convert more of your audience.


Content and SEO Playbooks

Content Playbooks: With decades of expertise, our editorial team understands the content necessary to successfully convert sports fans into active bettors. Our playbooks teach your team how to create insightful content that generates interest long-term and not just in sportsbook promotions.


SEO Playbooks: SEO experts teach your staff how to make your platform become a long-term home for sports betting content. Our experts provides best practice guides to enable your staff to write their own evergreen content and attract bettors by what matters to them most. Impartial, insight-driven content creates a better experience.


Data-Focused Systems

Offer Landing Page: After we implement our tech and content into your platform, we can analyze where there are successes and where improvements need to be made. With AI-driven resources our system is responsive to the location of your audiences and the rules that apply there.


Editorial Hyperlinks: Self-service source current offers/promotions from all sportsbook operators for your editorial teams. Enable your staff to insert offers directly into text and ensure that your offers are used across your entire platform.