Racing Post, TXODDS and Banach Technology combine to bring the best content, the best data and the best odds in one place, creating the industry-standard horseracing trading solution, AllSported.

All the trust. All the custom-made odds. All from a true market leader. AllSported.

All the best odds

Founded and led by the experienced quant team, that developed and implemented the revolutionary, industry-leading auto-trader at Paddy Power, its trusted trading models are used by all leading bookmakers.

It builds the best true price algorithms in the market, providing a 100% line from which margins can be tailored precisely to business needs.

Where client data allows, the algorithm draws on customer profiling, creating the opportunity to more closely manage odds in the face of smart bettors – reducing restrictions increases the appeal to bettors while protecting margins.

All the BEST content

Racing Post is the leading provider of racing data and content. It makes this content accessible to all through its own website and publications and also through integrations with bookmakers, including all Tier 1 bookmakers in the UK marketplace.

Research shows the best race content can increase dwell time by 47% and increase bet stake on a single win market by 38%.

All the best data

TXODDs is the world’s number one provider of real-time aggregated sporting odds. It brings vast integration experience, providing multi-jurisdiction pre-race odds and low-latency in-play odds through an advanced Push API.

Powered by the most intelligent analytics with the additional benefit of brilliant human insight and over 20 years of experience, with historical data back to 1999. Its push model avoids the latency of pull solutions.

This provides more immediate data on where price stands across the market.