Fantasy Sports Interactive Tools

Interactive tools for seasonal and daily fantasy sports that drive on platform engagement and revenues

The widest range of seasonal and daily fantasy tools

Drive engagement and conversion with fantasy players with the industries largest selection of fantasy tools.

Seasonal fantasy sports tools

Engage, retain and convert your fantasy sports audience with best-in-class customizable tools. Packed with data, exclusive content and multiple calls to action our fantasy sports tools transform your platform instantly.


Score Ribbons, Scoreboards & Game Centers

We work with you to provide a game center perfectly catered to your site for any and every sport.

We deliver the most up-to-date live game center containing data points that your audience desires. Everything from deep splits for every situation and real-time box scores for live games to odds/betting information making your platform is the home for all sports fans.


League Sync

The average fantasy sports player plays in 8 leagues per year. For the seasonal player, our League Sync product connects all of their fantasy sports leagues into one integrated dashboard on your platform.

League Sync provides daily lineup advice, helps compare players, finds optimal free agents and suggests trades. This allows customers to figure out the smartest decisions for their team with fanjections data driving those decisions through a complete integration.



The custom projection tool hosts the broadest range of projections in the industry. The data gives your players intelligent insight to make their fantasy sports decisions.


Player and Team Tracker

Create brand loyalty by delivering the most up-to-date, real-time news coming in for any player or team.

This tool allows players to make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information.


Trade Analyzer

Drive player engagement and time spent on your site with our Trade Analyzer tool that assists players in difficult trade decisions.


Draft Guide Profiles and Rankings

Drive user engagement and keep players coming back with the best guides providing player stats, profiles and draft rankings leading up to the season.

Draft profiles and rankings are created for every sport, keeping your players up to date prior to all of their fantasy drafts.


Daily fantasy sports tools

Our tools ensure media businesses deliver a complete daily fantasy sports solution.


Daily Lineups

Boost daily engagement on your platform with every game broken down pre-game with, odds, advanced analytics, DFS salaries, values, splits and player news.

Lineups are the staple of every great DFS offering and we make this complicated feature totally turnkey.


Start Sit Tool

Drive traffic and ensure your platform is the go-to place for players to determine their starting lineup with this data-driven start sit tool.


Table Tool

The table tool provides your platform the ability to create custom daily, weekly, seasonal, and rest of season data projection tables for all sports.

These tables are automatically kept up to date with the latest sports information.


Research Dashboard

Pack your pages with data, in-depth breakdown of stats, projections, scoring systems, DFS salary and more to increase the stickiness of your site.


Lineup Generator - Generated Lineups

Engage your players and give them the opportunity to build their team on your platform based on individual parameters and allow them to upload the lineup directly to FanDuel or DraftKings.

The lineup optimizer can be customized for sites to produce a simpler offering. All scoring systems and sites can be supported including Yahoo!, RTSports, SuperDraft and some hybrid systems like Monkey Knife Fight.



The Fanjections admin is where we create custom player projections.

Data can be adjusted within the admin to affect player projections. Adjustments are broken down into individual stat categories for managers to quickly alter a player’s projection.


Weather Center

Provide your audience with the latest forecast, outlook and wind effects for all games.