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The experts in sports betting and fantasy sports services, we engage millions of players through our own media brands and deliver unrivaled technology and content to our partners


Our experience in creating powerful publishing also provides our customers with access to some of the most important sports betting third party brands. Across Spotlight Sports Group, there are a number of the most recognised and trusted brands in sports betting.

A Few words from our clients

Eliot Crist

CTO FTN Network

“Working with Spotlight Sports Group has been a tremendous experience. We have been able to collaborate on industry-leading technology and build some of the best tools in fantasy and sports betting. A partnership is about creating ways for both businesses to put their best foot forward and SSG's team at Fantasy Alarm does exactly that. They bring ideas, solutions, and a positive attitude to every situation.”
NBC Sports Edge Team

"Spotlight Sports Group’s Fantasy Alarm team has been instrumental to the growth of NBC Sports EDGE over the years by providing products that have helped boost our EDGE+ subscription business and being there with exceptional customer service. We’re grateful for the partnership.”
better collective logo
Simon Hovmand-Stilling

Senior Director Group Media and Commercial Sites, Better Collective

“We’ve worked with Spotlight Sports Group for a number of years because we know they produce top quality content. With the integration of Superfeed, we are able to scale our ability to deliver premium content to the users of our sites empowering sports fans to make knowledge-based betting decisions.”
betfred logo
Stuart Grant

Digital Sportsbook Product Manager, Betfred

“We’ve always firmly believed content on site is one of the key ways to drive engagement and improve our customer experience. Working with Spotlight Sports Group over the years has seen us add Racing Post horseracing content and Racing Post Sport content and we are delighted to expand that to in-play. This product is like nothing else on the market and our customers are in for a treat.”
Howard Kamen

Advance Local VP of Sports Betting & iGaming

“Spotlight Sports Group provides national and local content to drive engagement, but creating community with games and tools to make sports fans smarter is the exciting part of this partnership. Spotlight Sports Group has relationships with regulated sportsbook operators in multiple states which means they are doing the heavy lifting, enabling us to concentrate on our audience and their needs.’’