Smart Content Modules

Grow on platform engagement with easy-to-integrate betting content modules powered by best in class AI technology

Build instant sports betting revenues

Start generating sports betting revenue immediately by deploying our flexible and odds driven smart content modules.

Integrated seamlessly into your native and web platforms, our smart content modules lead in providing a natively designed, contextual sports betting experience, allowing you to build new or additional value from your sports output.


Modules that go a step further

Get ready to serve a customizable, distinctive sports betting experience with the most innovative smart content available. We take your customer experience a step further, by delivering a dynamic sports betting content experience to fully support your sports editorial output.

Graded picks and statistic-led sports betting insights across a range of betting markets, combined with live odds from your sportsbook partners, allow you to provide multiple calls-to-action that maximize conversion.


Seamless, fully supported integration

On-demand: Visit our on-demand smart content library ahead of any event. Browse the widest selection of sports betting modules in the industry. Then, when you’ve found the perfect module for your platform, copy and paste a simple line of code generated by us into your CMS to place it on your site immediately.

Automated: Let us do all the hard work. Working closely with your content team we map our content tags to yours. This allows our tech experts to automatically upload the smart content directly to the relevant articles on your products.