Sports Betting Interactive Tools

Engage the most valuable players by enhancing your sports betting ecosystem with innovative engagement tools

Smart Content Modules

Start generating sports betting revenue immediately by deploying our flexible and odds driven smart content modules.

Integrated seamlessly into your native and web platforms, our smart content modules lead in providing a natively designed, contextual sports betting experience, allowing you to build new or additional value from your sports output.


Betting Calculators

Our interactive Betting Calculators enable players to build parlays, determine the best hedge bets and compare live odds and payouts across sportsbooks on your platform.

The suite of Betting Calculators we power are supported with expert sports betting content designed to educate and inform – presenting multiple, contextually relevant calls to action for users.


Interactive, live odds comparison tables

Our fully-managed Odds Comparison Tables enable your users to view live market moves and find the best odds available on any market across every sportsbook without leaving your platform.

The tables are fully interactive, allowing filtering by any sport, any event across all sportsbooks, presenting multiple opportunities to convert users into a revenue-generating customer journey.


Prop Shop

Our state-of-the-art technology makes it simple for your customers to quickly search for prop bets on the games they’re interested in. Any line, any player, any sportsbook plus live odds.

Fast, powerful and proven to engage. The essential Prop Shop brings your content to life and increases the retention of your customers by allowing your customers to instantly make prop betting decisions across your properties.


Game Predictions

Based on historical and season-long data, our game predictions tool will provide your audience with insight into which teams are most likely to win outright and/or cover the spread.


This data-backed tool is available for all major sports leagues and also shows the likelihood of the over/under outcome for every game.


Betting Trends

Powered by our state-of-the-art Tools Maker, betting trends can be produced for any major sports league and showcase relevant statistics that will help bettors make more educated betting decisions.